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Apr 13, 2022·edited Apr 24, 2022Liked by Bret Morgan

Congratulations on closing on your bungalows! Sounds like an awesome treasure land all of you are creating! I hope they have that book on Kindle. I will give it a read. I feel the same way when reading books that would have been benefitted me earlier in my life. Thing is many of the books I've read and make me feel that way were written by psychiatrists after and as a result of "what we all went through" at the time. So much for a career in Information Technology, LOL! A good book I just finished is "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", by Dr. Joe Dispenza, which combines principles of Neuroscience with meditation techniques. Learning and applying principles from that book combined with a can of Red Bull or some espresso is working wonders, especially after being cooped up all pandemic.

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