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Reading this reminded me of some feelings I had after a week or two of reflection during the beginning of the pandemic "lock down." Unlike many, my duties as a real estate agent were considered essential so I really only have a week or so of pause before jumping right back in.... And being busier than ever. That said, when reflecting on that short period of solace, I always thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have a once a year holiday - something like March 25 or whatever day everyone was locked down - as a national holiday commemorating the loss of life, fear and challenges we faced on the onset of the pandemic. During this "holiday" ALL stores, restaurants, bars, libraries would be shut down with only truly essential stores open (i.e. drug stores, some grocery, etc.)." I think I even had a creative name for it that I can't remember at this time.... Maybe it'll will pop up as a Facebook memory in a few years!

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